What would be easier to breed back in?


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Sep 25, 2008
Orlando, Florida
I bought some chicks the other day and when I was showing them off, my brother made the comment "Wouldn't it be cool to have a really tiny chicken with a really long tail?" Well that got me thinking. I absolutely love the long tails. I have a Yokohama, Sumatra and was looking at a breeder on here with some gorgeous Phoenix bantams and another with a beautiful OEGB roo with a beautiful tail. What would be easier to breed back into the mix? Size or the long tails? How would you even go about trying to get a Serama sized bird with a Yokohama or Phoenix like tail? It has been driving me nuts trying to figure out how to do this. Nothing will probably come of this but still would like to know how!!
You could do so with selecting for size, it's possible but would take longer. Ohikis aren't very large i don't think, and they have a pretty long tail (but I'm not 100% sure here, as I'm not much on long tails). If you were to breed a OEGB bantam to a phoenix it would do more harm than good i will say, many OEGBs have a tail shortening gene where the tails get shorter with each molt, if you were to do it that way use a Dutch bantam like a breeder i know of that had good success. A bird with a longish tail (for a bantam) is the Ga tre. Much like a Serama, but there is only one guy i know of that has them and I'm not completely sure if they're in the US (he lives in California, but the birds may still be in Vietnam where they were created).


ETA: But not all Ga Tre have the long tails, some may come like a Serama, others fan tailed, any coloration etc. There isn't much uniformity in the Ga Tre's but if i were to own a bird similar to the Serama, they would be it!
Thank you for your answer. I looked up the Ga Tre. OMG!! What beautiful birds. Ohikis are beautiful as well. I found a man in S. Carolina that has them. I haven't e-mailed him yet but I will try in a few days if this is still bothering me then.
Thanks again!!

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