what would you do


9 Years
Apr 17, 2010
Hi everyone what would do in this situation i'm in contact with a breeder of silkie bantams she got 5 months and 10 week olds. The 5 month olds have pretty bad scaley leg mites she said where the 10 week old ones don't. I'm treating my chooks for scaley leg mites but there no where near as bad there almost cleared up. She just started treating them last night she said, She said she is coming my was in 2 weeks time so not this friday next friday would they be cleared up by then? She also said if i go for the younger silkies if any turn out to be roosters she will take them back and swap for hens. So what would you do take a chance with the scaley leg mite or go for the 10 week olds. I really want hens as were not allowed roosters. As it is i'm trying to find a home for my 3 roosters i already have. Here are some pictures she sent me. Also what colour would you call these silkies?



I dont really know hopefully she can get rid of them b4 she sells them to u.

hopefully someone else can help

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