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I've gotten great advice from my BYC friends so I'm here to ask for some more advice.

I'm in a food and ag class and it has been a lot of fun so far. At the end of this month, we are supposed to take a trip to the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania. I was really looking forward to it as we would be visiting amish farms and staying on an organic farm for four days.

Anyways, today I found out we would not have any showers for four days. Im not really sure how I feel about that, but I guess I could rough it. That's not really the issue though.

I also found out the professor (who I actually really like, but sometimes he's a bit carefree when it comes to rules) told the class they can have alcohol on the trip as long as it is not visible in the school vehicles. Today at the greenhouse, the rest of my class was talking about how much liquor they'd be bringing and how drunk they are going to get every night. Some of these people are really nice, but they were all quite enthusiastic about drinking all weekend. Now I'm a bit concerned and I'm rethinking whether or not I want to go.

I've contemplated asking the teaching about it and voicing my concern, but I don't know if it would just be easier to stay at my apartment. The last thing I want to deal with is twenty drunk peers for four days.

What would you guys do?
Take a camera!!! Also some permanent markers red for guys, black for girls to paint the drunk passed out faces of all the guys with blush and lipstick and black mustaches and beards on the girls. Since you will be the only sober one there, you could even convince them they did it to themselves. I'm sure the Amish folk will get a laugh when they can't wash that crap off for 4 days.

When life gives you lemons...make lemonade and drink up!!
Even better still also take a few gallons of bottled water and soap and charge the crap out of them to use it. May as well cash in too eh?
If it bothers you then i would not go....i wouldnt say anything to the teacher or anyone else...
I wouldnt want to ruin other peoples "fun", just because i didnt drink... (i'm assuming they are all 21 or older...so adults, free to make their own choices in life...)
I'm also assuming this class trip is an extra thing for the class..not required to pass the class?? So.. again...you just simply dont have to go.
I was thinging where do I signup?

naw...never understood why folks thought they would have to do what others were doing to have fun or fit in...I figure if the trips purpose seems to be to your liking then go...as for the night festivities...be the designated story teller or igore them..others will join you...just don't go to sleep in view of the drinkers or the pranks could be reversed..
Hey somebody has to be sober when the cops show up!

I feel ya. Tell your professor how you feel. If he holds it against you, you can go to the dept chairman.

If you decide to go, baby wipes. I used to work in a wilderness camp with juvenile offenders. They got a shower twice a week. Teens outside in summer and only 2showers, GAWD it got bad at times!!! Baby wipes made things bareable

ETA--how many of your classmates are under 21? If you are over, I'd stay away.
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If this is something you've been looking forward to, I wouldn't let what the others plan to do interfere. The trip sounds like fun and I'd be willing to bet that there will be a few other non-drinkers there. Like you, they probably kept quiet when the others were going on about their drinking plans. You said some of the people are really nice, so just hang out with them for as long as you feel comfortable. If they start getting obnoxious, just find a spot where you can go away from the action. Make sure you have a safe spot. When they are deciding where to party, just say, "Anywhere but in my room. I like you guys and all, but I might want to hit the sheets early" or just say flat out " I'm not planning on drinking, so I want to be able to come back here if you guys start getting obnoxious!" Stay true to what you want to do, but keep a sense of humor, that will help a lot!

The baby wipes are a good idea too!

Best of luck!
LOL! Thanks for the opinions guys. I like the sharpie idea.

As for ages, yes some of them are under 21. It's not even that I don't drink, and normally I wouldn't have a problem if this was just a recreational trip, its more that its a class trip and these people are planning on drinking the entire time. Personally, I don't think its right that the teacher is allowing it at all. He just shouldn't have said anything either way so then if it gets out of hand they can't shoot back at him "Well you told us it was ok!".

I'm not "anti-alcohol" at all. I'm just more of a "sit back and enjoy your drink" kind of person.

I'm still on the fence about the whole thing, but I've got time to decide. I can decide not to go last minute, so I think I'll wait for the teacher to tell us more about the trip.

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