What would YOU want to see at a bake sale?

Percheron chick

Apr 12, 2013
Boulder, Colorado
That is a good idea on how to handle the gluten and dairy free products. Do you know where to look in the town/state health requirements to find what I need? What do you think I would also want to put in an order form? I haven't done anything like this and am not super sure of my abilities to handle payment.
Start with your county health department. ServSafe is a very informative food handling program. You might be able to download their booklets for free. There are other similar programs that i can't recall off the top of my head. Good to narrow down the list. You were going to have $100s tied up in inventory.
Down the road, if you ever do need a commercial kitchen, most churches have licensed kitchens.


Free Ranging
May 21, 2020
We've made over $150 so far! :celebrate We've adjusted our tactics, and instead of going door to door, we sent out an email to neighbors and friends that are more likely to buy things. Attached to the email is our flyer (digitally) and a google form for ordering. Orders close on Tuesday, so we have some more to go!

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