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Jul 1, 2018
I had purchased a heated water trough . But it is 4 gallons and I only have three chickens..
I have a well here so there was no chlorine in the water it's getting a little algae in it as I am only changing it once a week.. somebody told me I could put a couple teaspoons of Clorox in the water and this won't happen is that true I would appreciate any help


May 22, 2017
SC Midlands
I'm on well water, too and have never added clorox/bleach to my waterer. I have zero algae problems. I added some copper pennies (earlier than 1982 - later ones are made mostly of zinc) to my homemade 5 gallon waterer. If you don't have any older pennies go to any hardware store and get some copper plumbing thimbles/fittings. Copper is a natural biocide and will not harm your chickens in any way. I've cleaned my waterer once in a year and half and only did it then to appease my better half.


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Nov 5, 2018
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I am on a well and don't add anything to the water I use to put a piece of copper pipe this past summer but it makes the water stink and didn't solve the algee issue so I stopped that and just changed the water every day. If you ever worked with copper using your bare hands you know what it smells like. I'm sure it won't hurt the birds and will help with algee control but not solve it. With an open source waterer it will be tough to keep out contaminants. It's those contaminants that cause algee and stuff. For example take a bottle of spring water (as close to well water as you'll get) and leave it out I have yet to see anything start to grow inside the bottle. The best thing I did was switch over to Horizontal Nipples recently basically eliminating possible contamination. Adding some unsented bleach (Clorox) will also help as that is basically what's added to public water supplies to control contamination. On the whole vinegar thing I don't use it but many others do. The last time I was at TSC and was reading the bottle of Apple cider vinegar with Mother it says on the bottle not to use it as your only water supply. So to those that consider using vinegar not sure why you would use it as your only water source when the bottle itself tells you not to. :idunno
On a final note as far as dirty water or some algee growth in the water, I am not sure it will hurt your birds. After every rain storm I always see them outside drinking out of puddles surrounded by chicken poop and I don't think anything gets worse than that. None have died from chicken poop contaminated water that I know of. :sick

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