Whats a good way to get rid of chickens (mostly roosters)?


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Jun 16, 2011
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I was wondering what your method is for getting rid of chickens (mostly roos) besides killing them. Craigslist is usually not very affective with me and sometimes I try selling my birds in front of stores...which isn't very enjoyable. Also I was wondering what prices I should sell my birds for? I am trying to get rid of silkies (w/ weird mixed colors), turkin - silkie mix chickens and bantam phoenix- welsummer mix chickens. Regularly my prices are around $5 for one chicken. I've just had 11 chicks hatched recently. There will probably be at least 13 in the morning though. Our backyard has an overload of chickens. Please advise

- Silkie
I used to sell my LF silkie roosters to the asian market and yes they were killed... and provided meals to alot of people by virtue of the way they utilize the birds. May be time to rethink your stance on no kill.
I sell my birds on Craigslist a lot, I have really good luck on there. I always meet them in a local area, so far I have had good luck with no problems. I also advertise in a local area paper.
I am also thinking of selling one of my silkie roo's, One is very sweet, but the other is now getting aggressive. Am going to wait till spring, when I can see how the sweet one with do with chicks. They do move to the other end of the run, when one of my BR flies over the fence to eat their food. No fighting either. I was going to try Craig's List & my feed store.
I have a beautiful Rooster Garden. But I much prefer them be eaten by someone as the meat is just awesome. However, I usually cull way before they are finished. Silkies are supposed to be a gourmet meat, it is just part of the life cycle. Giving back the energy.

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