Whats a "rooster shot" egg???


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Dec 14, 2010
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I was giving someone some eggs the other day and he asked if they were rooster shots. I told him that I had a rooster, so I guess so. He replied, " good, my wife wont eat rooster shot eggs, so I get to eat them all." What the heck is he talking about????
I dont have a rooster, but my eggs have a spot in em. I like to think that is proof that they are good eggs -not from a mutant factory farm chicken.
If it's a small irregular shaped whitish spot the egg is not fertilized. If it's a larger round whitish spot that looks like a bullseye it is fertilized.

The white feathery looking things on either side of the yolk is what suspends the yolk from the shell wall so the yolk doesn't break when the egg is moved.

The red spot is a blood spot from broken capillary during the egg laying process.
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In case some haven't seen this thread, it may be helpful in determining fertility of an egg:


"rooster shot", hmm, that's a new term for me, LOL. Have to remember that one. I remember an old John Steinbeck novel where the farm hand told a young boy that the red spot on the yolk was a mark the rooster left. Old farmers tales, I guess.

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