what's going down next door?


10 Years
Dec 4, 2009
Ok, any guess as to what the guy next goor is going to jail for? The police once again are at his door, constantly the last few days. He's the shady kind of guy who is in and out of prison. Actually I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a law or some way to get them evicted? the last few years have been hell with them, braking into my home, selling drugs, kids are rude, mom is crazy and 15 puppies all differant breeds,police constantly next door, fun! I was thinking of raising natural colored rats and infest thier home as they air out thier grow op(ok that's what we think is going on,who airs out a basement on temps -5 or higher! anyone else had to deal with this issues, own so se can`t move
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Why do YOU think hes getting evicted? You should video tape it for us...
*just being a smart butt..
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I want him gone asap! please help, spring is coming and I don't want my chickens hurt!
No she's not. She really wants to see it

Well..only if there is violence or cute men in uniforms...
Wow, sorry you got such rotten neighbors! We just got new ones last week and they have been so sweet. The only thing we have issue with is they let their dogs run lose
Too many strays already and mange is eating them all up...eeewwwwwwwww...but other than that I think we lucked up
Maybe he is gone for a while?
the lady was ok until the man got out of jail, I even talk gave her kids some bunnies and thought she was ok, now she's crazy just like him, she supports his habits calling them a mental illness grrr! I heard they were trying to convince the co-op to let them buy it! advict them now please, I v=curl up at night listening to the domestic violence and want to hide how do the kids do it?
If you hear Family Violence, you can do two things.

1) Call Law Enforcement each and every time.

2) Call your state's 1-800 anonymous hotline for child abuse. I can almost promise you that they will want to know if you hear the children crying or you know that they are in danger. A batterer screaming or yelling at an adult victim is not usually enough to get the call accepted. They are going to want to know how the children are in danger. For example if you see the batterer throw something at the other adult and a child is within striking range, they should take it. If you hear the children crying while the yelling is occuring, they should take that.

If you dont know your state's 1-800 number for child abuse, email me and I will get it to you ASAP. It is a 24 hour emergency hotline. If they think it is serious enough, they will send out Law Enforcement themselves.

Good luck!
If he's in and out of jail he's probably on probation. I agree with calling the cops anytime you hear or see domestic violence. if he's on probation, an arrest for a domestic will probably send him back to the slammer. Also, don't give that lady any more bunnies, domestic violence often extends to pets. Does your co-op have meetings, petitions, president? Anyone you can write your concerns/objections to?
Hmmm... theres been police over the last few weeks at a house on my street as well. We reckon its a grow op, out in the middle of the country, lights on and irregular hours, people there at irregular hours, ... I only know because I drive at irregular hours LOL. Big OPP van was there a couple weeks ago, and recently the local police were there as well. They have an indoor riding arena and barn that doesn't get used (no animals) and the big door to the indoor was open for about 2 weeks.

We never even see the owners, supposedly the son of the lady who used to live there/still owns the place lives there (she owns a trailhead north of here).

IDK, very sketchy.

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