What's going on with my barred rock?

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    Mar 29, 2015
    So I have a 3 month old barred rock. I noticed on both wings in the same spot she has this:
    It seems to be growing and the middle bump is hard and feels like a bone. Does anyone know what this is? I'm worried about her. She doesn't appear to be in pain.
    This morning I went out to check on her, and she is doing this thing where she opens her mouth wide, then closes it. It looks like a silent crow or something. Does anyone know what that means?
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    Mar 21, 2011
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    That looks like it COULD be an ingrown feather. I have a Barred Rock that had a hard bump like this beneath her vent. It got so hard at one point. Then one day I could see something trying to poke out of it. So I pulled on it and out came a wound up feather! Ingrown feathers do create what looks like a cyst. So this might be one of those.

    As for the yawning, they can do this with air pressure changes like when it thunders, a plane flies over or even a cold front is moving in. Loud rumbling noises can make them yawn or even a stuck feather in their esophagus. I doubt it has anything to do with these bumps on her wings.
  3. Chewbagawk

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    I can't say for certain, but my Barred Rock looked really weird at times when she was growing up. It looks like new feathers are coming in.

    With the mouth-opening action, my chickens do it all of the time (most frequently, my Barred Rock, coincidentally) and they are fine. It could be them trying to swallow something, or maybe it's yawning haha. I looked it up once but I never found out exactly why they do that.

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