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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Senna95, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Senna95

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    Apr 6, 2010
    I have 7 3-year old pilgrim geese. 2 males, and 5 females. Last year they layed quite a few fertile eggs, though I didn't have much luck hatching them (my fault, not the geese's). I had quite a waiting list for the goslings at $10 each.

    So, skip to this evening: I was looking through CL, and saw someone looking for (adult) pilgrim geese. I called them and told them that I didn't have any adults available, but that I would have fertile eggs, and probably goslings later this spring. While she was interested in the fertile eggs, she was more interested in my adults, and offered me $50 for a breeder pair.

    Now my question: does that seem a little low, or is it only me? She seemed very knowlegeable about raising geese (birds in general actually), and we had a very nice and pleasant conversation about hatching, and she gave me some pointers on hatching goose eggs so that I'd have better luck this year. She'd be driving 3 hours to pick up these birds, so obviously she realy wants them.

    I'm not expecting to get rich off of raising my birds, but I'd like to have them at least help pay for their own food, or else become food for me and my family.

    I did offer to sell them to her after this year's breeding season, but she said she wanted them this spring.

    So, does $50 seem reasonable, or does it seem low?

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  2. Hideaway Haven

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    Nov 9, 2011
    Southwest Ohio
    I understand totally!! I have found that out with all my poultry. I have come to the conclusion there is no money in animals. I have Pilgrims also. It seems like you would get more than that but it is such a guessing game. I have a muscovy hen on 7 Pilgrim eggs right now. My one goose has decided that she wants to lay on them now that the duck has been on them for 21 days. This is their first time trying to have babies. I will be interested in what everybody tells you because I will be selling my little ones also. Good Luck[​IMG]
  3. NorthTexaschick

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Denton area
    I think prices vary depending on location and quality of the stock. I paid $50 for a pair of young adult Pilgrims here in North Texas but that may or may not be relevant to your situation. The guy was not "breeding" them, he had, I don't know, about 100 of 'em [​IMG] just letting them do their own thing. I have no idea the quality of them but certainly they could not be show quality.

    Here's hoping for many goslings to hatch for you this spring! [​IMG]
  4. r4eboxer

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    Sep 20, 2011
    It does depend on where you are, but one thing stood out in your post. This lady is willing to drive 3 hours to get your geese? This tells me she can't find them where she is. That drives the price up in my book. I'd not let them go for under 100.00 ea. if that. Especially since you are getting 10.00 per egg. I'd say she has the same ideas about selling fertile eggs or raising meat birds and that is why she wants them this spring. Her knowledge of incubating eggs tells me that. She is going to make a big profit on those eggs if she gets your breeders at 50.00 for the pair. She did not have to raise them up to adult laying age either.

    Do you need the money? Remember that Pilgrims if related have long necks and a knob on the beak. If she is wanting to breed she will not want a goose and gander that are related from you hence the reason she wants your breeders. I am a bit cynical at times sorry, but I can't think of any other reason considering the circumstances she would insist on breeding adults THIS spring. In my book the price would be STEEP. I just think about all the feed it takes to raise geese to the point of breeding and 50.00 for two in an insult.

    Just my two cents.
  5. Kevin565

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    Dec 22, 2009
    50 seems a little low for a mature pair in my area. However, in her area that very well may be a reasonable offer. I personally would sell 75 a pair for more mature pairs.
  6. destinduck

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    Mar 20, 2008
    Like everyone says depends where you are and do you mind yourself getting rid of one of your pairs this close to breeding. Does 50 a pr sound reasonable? Yes. And it sounds like she knows this is the going price. But you said it yourself she tried to help you on stuff and you also said you didnt get any goslings last year anyway. Here where I am you can get em all day for that right now even. If you need the money that bad by all means bump it up to 100 for the pr. since its this close to breeding. I would run away fast and so will she at 100 each(sorry boxer. plus it wasnt 10 an egg it was 10 a gosling ) If you sell them at 50 though It is a fair price in my opinion AND you have made a friend that may help you in more ways (raising some goslings for instance) in the future [​IMG] The call is yours in the end though of course.
  7. littledear

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    Jan 13, 2012
    Cabot, Arkansas
    I am in Arkansas where things seem to go for less and I think $50 a pair is way to little especially just before breeding season.
  8. NYRIR

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    May 13, 2010
    Wow....you are good! Lol...I was thinking more "emotionally" I guess. I thought, man, if she's willing to drive 3 hours for the price of gas, AND pay 50.00 for them, she might be a really good home for them! However, with that said, I think 50.00 for the pair is a bit low. Geese are so expensive to feed if you don't have a lot of grazing area for them. I know here in NY, a young gosling in the freezer section of the local supermarket sells for 50.00, so to me a breeding pair would be worth AT LEAST that apiece! Just my .02
  9. Enchanted Sunrise Farms

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Fair Oaks, California
    i'm no expert, by any means. But it does sound low, considering you would pay $32.60 (not including shipping) for pair of babies from Metzers. After adding in all the feed and care to raise them to breeding age, that little $50 she is offering sounds not so great . . . to me. And her wanting them right now, as they are getting ready to lay, sounds like she knows all too well how much money she will make from selling the eggs or goslings.

    It's up to you and how you feel about your geese. If they are pets, then you wouldn't want to sell them at any price. But if feel amenable to letting them go, you may go back to her and say you would really rather get $100 (or $150) for the pair. If she is truly interested, then you can begin to bargain towards a price more fair to the both of you.

    Good luck! Keep us posted. :)
  10. Senna95

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    Apr 6, 2010
    I talked to my hubby (who is out of the country right now) and he thought I was joking at first.

    I never ended up calling the lady back. Guess she must have figured it out....

    Think I'll keep my geese, at least through this season and see how things turn out. I know that a lot of people are interested in my geese, last year I had more people waiting then I had eggs... let alone goslings. I even had one guy drive 4 hours for one gander last year!

    They're beautiful geese, and friendly too!

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