what's right to do?

cottontail farm

9 Years
Dec 26, 2014
Rural NW Pa
I started out with 4 quail but for various reasons over the year as of a couple of days ago I am now down to one lone bird. Her buddy died about two days ago and she has been calling since. What's right here? It seems cruel to only have one.
The only quail for sale around here are day olds that an hour and a half away and I'm not interested in that.
These were never pets. She's over a year old.
Is it more humane and kinder to butcher?
Or to set her free in my 30x60 fenced garden with heavy cover, feed, water and let her know freedom for the rest of her days?
I thanked her for her service today and put her in the garden. There is so much cover out there I'm not worried about her at all and she's right up against a yard of bantam chickens for company. I'll continue to set out food and water but hopefully she can enjoy stretching her wings and chasing buts for a bit.
I would have kept her and get more friends for her. Even day-olds will be around her size in about 4-6 weeks, and as far as mating, they won't care about age that one is 1 year older than the other.

I had a male quail be alone for an entire winter once when his buddies died in the fall and it wasn't until spring when I could get some more quail at the local flea market (back before Internet ordering or finding local people online who might sell them).

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