What's the best way to attach the brooder lamps?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by huckleberryfarm, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Jan 7, 2010
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    Hey, all! We're getting our first chicks in the next few days and I think I have everything. I have two large wire rabbit cages to put them in. I also have the two brooder lamps. What's the best way to attach the lights? Do you just clip it on the cage or suspend it somehow above? I'm going to assemble everything today and that had me stumped a little. Thanks!
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    Excuse the iScreaming but DON'T DEPEND ONLY ON THE CLIP!

    There, I got it out of my system. Clips slip. Falling lamps mean fires.

    I secured mine by hanging it from a chain (the lamp had a built-in handle along with the clip) and then tying the clip to a support just in case the chain came loose. Immediately under the lamp was the top of the cage that I used as a brooder, so if both the rope and the chain slipped, there was a good chance that the lamp would land on the cage wire and still be OK. Oh, and I put the bulb-guard on as soon as I was able to raise the lamp far enough away from the cage-wire for it to fit (before that the lamp was sitting on the cage wire AND chained AND tied so it wasn't going anywhere anyway).

    If your rabbit cages have low clearance you can keep the lamps outside the cage and out of reach of rambunctious chicks and flammable bedding, which also helps [​IMG]
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    Yes, secure the lamp in several different ways. I attached mine with a chain and then added 4 zip ties to make sure it didn't fall (or get knocked)

    There's lots of different ways to secure them. (PVC, chain, etc) In fact the first chicks I had I brooded in a dog crate (plastic with metal front). I couldn't figure out how to attach it without melting the plastic, so I confiscated hubby's dolly and tied the lamp to the side bar (with zip ties) on the dolly and rolled it right up against the door to the dog crate. Worked fine, and I could move it to get it out of my way to visit the chicks and clean the brooder.
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    Jan 7, 2010
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    Thanks! The cages are metal all the way around so I guess I can hook a chain from the ceiling somehow. I thought the clips might not be the way to go! [​IMG]

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