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Apr 20, 2009
I am fairly new to the forum I have kinda been looming in the background for some time
I only have two chickens a roo and a hen and the hen is currently setting on 11 eggs what is the possiblity that they will hatch in the winter? We are in NJ and it has been pretty cold here I have not candled the eggs yet (I honestly am not that good at it) I guess the real uestion is has anyone else had a hen hatch and raise chicks in the middle of the winter?
Welcome! I've never had a Winter broody,so I can't say for sure. I would just advise you to leave her alone as much as possible and try to make sure there are as few drafts as possible. Might put food and water close to her so she won't have to leave the eggs for long. Good luck with her!
They probably are fertile and she could hatch some of them in winter, but it would be difficult for her to raise them outside in the winter. If you don't want to worry about chicks trying to follow the hen around in the snow you may want to take the eggs away from her and let her try again once it is spring, if you want chicks. Perhaps your hen was fooled by the unusually mild weather. Of course, if you would like to raise some chicks inside over the winter you could wait for them to hatch and she would keep them warm under her for the first couple of days until you take them inside and put them in a warm brooder where the can eat and drink and grow feathers without the risk of freezing
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My friend who knows how to candle came over tonight we checked my hens eggs and 10 out of the 11 are fertil! when and if they hatch I am going to remove them and bring them into the house to keep them safe from the weather!
It all depends on your chicken. If she is actually pretty determined to hatch her chicks, they all have a chance of hatching. But being winter, she knows that she has a chance of dying too so maybe half, maybe a little less, or maybe more. Its just a varying type of thing.

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