what's the trick to making my boiled eggs easier to peel?

Kelly FG

13 Years
Jan 13, 2007
I was hoping to make deviled eggs for easter, but our eggs always peel unevenly taking part of the white with the shell. I don't have any old eggs. If I boil them today & then put them in the fridge till Sunday, then will the peel better?
What are your best tips?
Let them age in the fridge before you boil them (a day or two at least). Then use the boil to ice water method.

There's lots of info on the forum about this, use the search button in the upper left of the screen.
SALT!!! This has been around several times with this topic. I had the same problem and I was watching food network and Ms. Paula Deen came on and answered this for me . I use 1/3-1/2 cup salt for 6-8 eggs. I know that is alot of salt but hey salt is cheap and it does work. I use freshly layed eggs and they peel like a charm. Good luck!!!
easiest thing for me was to buy an egg cooker where you pierce the end of the shell and it steams them. best daggone $30 i ever spent!
Wow that's allot of salt, and that's not good for your health, lots of that will leach into the egg, the shell is permeable.

I just use fresh eggs and peel them under running water, let the water guide your thumb and it works like a charm.

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