What's this coop worth? Want your appraisal.


8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of building and selling chicken coops. I have looked online and have seen coop prices ranging from as little as $100 up to $2000. I built this one and have about $250 in materials. The coop is 4x4, has 2 removable community nesting boxes, 3 perch levels, front and rear entry doors, 2 side access doors ( egg collection and clean out), ~4 x 8 covered yard, wheel mounted, fully enclosed with outside access door.

What would you price this coop at? Was thinking of $600 range?
And... what improvements would you recommend?

Thanks, Mike.

Pictures: http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l247/mikebuild/?albumview=slideshow

nice job..i would put any where from $600...to $800...start high...people love to bargain
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It's beautiful. I'd change the chicken wire to hardware cloth, and ask what others are saying. You can always go down on your price if it doesn't sell. I really wouldn't know what people would pay for a coop like that. Great work!
there is a guy here in lake Odessa who builds coops and asks about that amount for a coop that size. If materials run ya about 250, then if you put 30 hrs into building, and you value your time by a certain amount per hour, say 10, then that's 300 in labor. So that's 550... But you used power tools and your electricity, so, another 50-100, because, what if you end up having to replace a power tool, and you need to compensate yourself for power usage and dry storage while you build... So 600-650 would be good. If you sell 10 at that price, you will need to report it on your taxes... So, you will need to save aside some of that profit for small business taxes with federal govt. So, keep that in mind, that the space you use, and the power you use will be tax deductible as office space, storage space. Just keep that in mind when you are making your price. Also, may want to consider sales tax, are you going to pay it or leave it up to the customer?

just so you know, I would easily pay 700 for one of you coops since it looks like good quality to me, and the price is reasonable. I hope you would offer it in a size to accommodate 6-8 lf chickens. It is beautiful.
That's very nice, but I agree with the others, it should have hardware cloth rather than chicken wire to be more secure for the safety of the chickens. That will raise your cost a little & I would make the size variable for people to order according to how many chickens they want to house. In our area something like that would run $600-$800 depending on the size.
I agree you really want hardware cloth instead of chicken wire.

Anyway, round up your material cost to say 300.00 (for the hardware cloth and the price of the material going up and down) then double it. That will put you in the ball park of where you need to be. Most contractors will double the cost of the material need to do a job to figure out their labor cost. The total price for the item would be x, 50% would be in labor and 50% would be in cost. Just make sure your cost is accurate. If you price it to high in the beginning you will sell very few before someone steals your idea and under cuts you. Price it fair and stay busy building coops.

Just my two cents,

By the way, it looks killer and would love to see more pics!
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