Whats up with Indian River pullet w/ feathered legs?


8 Years
Jul 8, 2011
NW Arkansas
Have a 6+ weeks old Indian River (Delaware x New Hampspire) pullet whose legs are getting feathers. A "Silkie" in the wood pile?
Hmm, that's interesting, since neither of the breed involved is feather-legged. Could you post a picture of the legs?

Gosh, I wish they wouldn't have called this hybrid an "Indian River" since that is the original name of the Delaware breed.
I smell a hatchery stinker somewhere in this story................. Oh but of course we all know the hatchery would never ever do such a thing, being as they are such fine upstanding business models, with the upmost respect to be truthful to their customers
Will get close ups tomorrow. She's the only one of 6 that has the feathery legs. Curious to see how she grows out. Is this mix referred to as a white sex link? Almost too bad the Delawares aren't still known as Indian .
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