What's up with molting??

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    Sep 29, 2008
    My 5 hens are down to 3 eggs a day, and all the helpful folks at my hubby's work are telling him to study up on molting. I'd like to know how to recogonize the signs and know what to do for them and exactly what to expect. Someone told DH not to feed them for a few days...that kind of thing. I'd rather trust you experts! Thanks.
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    From the FAQ/Frequently asked questions:

    What is the moult?

    The moult is an annual process in which the chickens lose and regrow their
    feathers. Usually chickens molt in the late summer or early fall. They may
    stop laying eggs while they are moulting.

    It's totally normal but the people your DH works with are completely wrong as far as not feeding them for a few days.

    Hope this is some help!


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