Whats up with that...wrong color egg???


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May 26, 2008
Central OH
I have 7 hens...a mix of black sex link, buff orps, barred rocks, light brahmas. I believe they are all laying now, brown eggs of course. We were gifted a pair of silver laced wyndotte banties in the fall, which now brings our hen total to 8. the pair is aprox. 8 months old. I do not believe that the 8th little hen has been laying yet.

Well, yesterday when I collected eggs there were 8 eggs. 7 brown and 1 white egg, alittle smaller than the rest. I assumed that this was the little wyndottes first egg. I was surprised when I looked it up today and saw that the wyndottes are supposed to lay brown eggs.

Does this mean she is not full blooded? I am no judge of chickens, but she looks like the pictures. No big deal, just curious...


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Feb 15, 2009
Boondocks, Colorado
Is it REALLY REALLY white, or very light brown? I have had a few eggs that are what they call 'tinted', I think, from my Cochins, but they lay light brown eggs anyway, and these were just lighter then normal.

I wondered at first too! They looked so white compared to the others!

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