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  1. Gosh, I thought maybe it'll be a good idea to post a service offer ad on Craigslist for my new housekeeping business that Im trying to get started (so far only 2 customers and they are my SIL's clients. She works for assistancing Seniors and Disable people, basically Sitting for them). Craigslist Service Offer ad must have a Telephone Account Verification so I typed in my VP number which is an 866 phone number. They refuse to allow that type of number. WHAT THE HECK?! This is what the result says:

    We were unable to verify the phone number you supplied. Prepaid cell phones, temporary / forwarding numbers, and most voice-over-IP services cannot be verified.

    Meaning those who have disablility and require special phone cannot get a phone verification account with Craigslist. COMMON! More and more people are becoming aware of hearing disabilities and our special equipments but they still make it even difficult for us!

    ARGH! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Some people need a good [​IMG]

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    They just started doing that here too. I haven't been posting much there anymore
  3. Why can't they allow phone number that is connected to IP address? They also wouldn't allow regular Relay service either I'm sure. Meaning someone with disability cannot post their ads cuz they cannot hear the phone?
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    I would contact craigslist and let them know how this effects you. You may make a change!

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    You should send an email to Craigslist support explaining.

    Their system doesn't know what the toll free numbers are going to. For all they know it is Nigerian Scam number that eats your money through your phone bill.

    Their rules are a blanket protection for the majority.

    They will probably be able to help you with this.
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    When you set up your account with craigslist, give them a working home or cell phone number....... then when you post your add put the 866 number in the body of the text as a way to contact you. Easy peasey lemon squeezy......

    PS, I don't have a home phone, I have VOIP and cellular here because of boondocks.... So I made it work for me. Go to your FIL's and set it up if needed.
  7. Thanks guys. My friend next door took care of it for me.

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