What's with the squirrels?


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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
Boyd, have you sent your minions to NJ? Young squirrels are venturing out and getting hit on the road. Today I saw 2 standing beside the road where their "brother" got hit yesterday. Either they were practicing for an insurance commercial or they were saying, "No, you go first." Yesterday I saw a red/buff phase gray squirrel (never saw one before) and today I saw a black phase gray squirrel. Has the squirrel become my totem? And why would that be?
Sooooooooooo does this mean you would like some more? mabe different colors and phases?
Pm me your address and i will see if i can help ya out, the little boogers are trying to get my broodies eggs from the pump house.
Ours never bother eggs- I often leave eggs in a basket outside by accident and they are never touched!

I feed my squirrels...I have a gazillion and pecan, walnut, oak, and fruit trees. Love the little boogers.

I do have one sans tail...apparently was blessed within an inch of his life during a road-crossing. He doesn't use the electrical wires for sky-bridges the way the others do as his balance is awful in comparison.

I'm guessing they just like you.
they just sense there is something " nutty " about you
I resque injured and/or orphaned squirrels. I just released two brothers. One of my females is pregnant, and due any time!
I have lost count of how many that I have raised and released..But they all come everyday for handouts, and to give me kisses and use me as a tree..lol
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