whats wrong with my little frizzle?

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    Jun 19, 2009
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    i got her about 3 months ago from mcmurray hatchery and shes always been smaller than all the other chicks. shes litterally all skin and bones. shes about half the size of the rest of them and she doesnt seem to be growing, her feathers are really thin and brittle could she be a double frizzle? is that possible from a hatchery?. ive been giving her plain unflavored yogurt with cheerios and polyvisol baby vitamins but nothing seems to work, she runs around with the others and she eats like a little pig but isnt gaining any weight any ideas whats wrong with her? ohh and she doesnt have mites either =/
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    If she is on the ground, try treating for coccidia or worms. Yes, even hatchery's get double frizzle. I have one that is such a pathetic little thing, she is black and her feathers are brittle and mangled. She is a trooper, as bad as she looks. She's made it past a year, so she's hanging in there. Best Wishes for yours..........

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