What's wrong with this bird??!!

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Nov 2, 2013
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So is it just my bird or does anyone else have problems with their hamberg laying eggs?

What I mean is, every few weeks when Penny (SSH Bantam) needs to lay an egg she gets crazy and runs around the yard screaming her head off. She will look for anything to get into or try to jump the fence. She goes in and out of the coop (where the nesting box is) and she just stands there looking at the nesting box.Then she comes out and runs around the yard again. She comes up to the door and screams as if she's calling me to come outside and just keeps running around like she has a hot potato she's looking to get rid of?

I have to keep putting her in the nesting box and stand there with her but she comes back out if I walk away. Finally after this game goes on a few times she will finally settle down and just go lay the egg. This goes on for over an hour sometimes.

Normally when it comes time to lay she just goes in, drops, and comes out as if she hates the business of laying. If one of the other girls is in the box she muscles in on them and lays right next to them (she's the only one who can fit with another bird in there).

Does anyone know why every few weeks I have to do this dance with her? She drives me crazy!!! She's my favorite little girl too so I'd like her to not be so crazy. Once she lays her egg she goes back to being sweet, quiet, and calm? It's a great mystery.

She is outside the door right now screaming her head off and wont go away. What could she want? All my other girls are in the sand box just relaxing in the shade while she is having a fit looking in the door.

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