What's wrong with this egg??

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    Aug 23, 2015
    On Tuesday I found a clump of spaghetti looking strings on my hens poop. A member of BYC said it was warms and give them Wazine. I did on Tuesday. Today one of my hens laid this egg. What is on the top of it? It that a worm under the shell? Or just a funny looking egg? Do I need to do something to help them? [​IMG]
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    that is strange looking. If you are worried about it don't eat it. It could just be a shell deformity. wait a couple of days and see if the eggs return to normal. when mine lay weird ones usually within a couple of days they start laying normal ones again.
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    It's just a swirl in the shell as the egg went through production, nothing to worry about.

    What is concerning is the worms you saw in their poop. By the time you see worms, they are overloaded. Wazine only kills roundworms, so it will not take care of your birds, you need a more broad spectrum wormer.

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