What's your dumb dog story?

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  1. When XDH & I were young and dumb, childless, we had my dog Pearl (border collie/husky) and a cat named Spyder we travelled w/from Alaska to California and then back. We got to CA and stopped at a park where you could camp out, this is at least 30 years ago, and Spyder and Pearl see their first tree squirrel. It crawls head first down the large tree (we don't have those in NW Alaska) and starts scampering across the grass to another tall tree- dog and cat look at each other, one on each end of the squirrel, head for it in the middle, and just when I'm scared to death they've got it caught and going to kill it in front of us, the squirrel stops, looks at both, swinging its head front and back to see both coming to a stop with this look in their eyes, mouths open in anticipation...OH BOY, we've GOT this one!!! It runs beneath both their bellies and both Pearl and Spyder get another look on their faces...PURE PANIC!! ITs GONNA GET R BELLY!!! They both shoot straight up in the air, hair raised, eyes wide, mouths closed!!! That would have been something if we'd had video recorders or cell phones to video and show on America's Funniest Video's...back then!
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    While our funny dog story wasn't so funny to us at the time it is rare that anyone has a dry eye after hearing it retold. We had a Bouvier named George (about 100 lbs) who had a severe ear infection was on strong antibiotics and wearing an E collar and couldn't be left outside.

    We had left him shut up in our laundry room one Saturday AM while we had gone to do a neighborhood garage sale. When we returned home from the sale DH walked in the front door, fell on his knees, and said God almighty d$%n!

    George had a reaction to the meds broke out of the lr and pooped on everything in the house! I mean everything...rugs, sofas, chairs, beds, pillows...there were "poop" paw marks on the walls, doors and window where he had tried to look out or get out...nothing was spared!

    DH and I were both horrified and wrenching from the stench. Then I realized our inside cat was MIA. I walk into the kitchen and happen to notice cat sized poop paw prints on the counter tops and marks on the upper cabinets. Traumatized cat had run through poop, got on my counters, and climbed into my cabinets to hide...Yes, there was even poop on my dishes!

    We started trying to clean up with the shop vac and household cleaners...By this point I was crying hysterically, and we decided to call a steam cleaning service. They told us they would come but that we would have to pay extra for WE emergency service. We told the guy that it was REALLY BAD, and we didn't care. He reassured us that he had seen everything, and that it couldn't be that bad.

    When he walked in his eyes got as big as saucers. He retracted his statement saying he had never seen anything like this...Needless to say ALL of our garage sale earnings went to the emergency steam cleaning.
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    which one would you like to hear I have 500
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    man, you guys are killing me! [​IMG]
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    Well... I have a chocolate lab who loves to have his butt spanked. [​IMG] If you spank him with a flip flop, he will fall in love and follow you wherever you go. He even does the nose licking thing.
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    How about silly puppy stories?

    I have a (now) 4 month old beagle pup. I also have a (now) 7 month old GSD/black lab mix pup.
    When my GSD mix was a little puppy, she was big enough to jump off the porch, but was scared to death to do it. Heck, she would take a flying leap onto the porch all the time, but wouldn't jump off. My beagle pup, who was about 2 months old when I got her, would stand on the side of the porh and yipe a few times, back up, and take off running! This pup now is not even 1/4 the size of the GSD mix, and she is about twice as big as she was when I got her. And yet, she would jump off the porch with no problem, whereas my larger pup wouldn't.

    And a cute story is when Midget, the beagle, will wait until Baby, the GSD, gets her chain wrapped around a tree. Midget will run over to Baby's place, find the first toy she sees, and take off running!! She wouldn't dare if Baby could reach her!!

    These aren't exactly dumb dog stories, but give me a few weeks, and I'm sure I'll see something!
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    Glad to see I don't have the only dumb dog! Our beagle, Casey, is both smart and dumb - knows how to get on the counters for those wonderful tidbits left out (like the pound of hamburger for dinner or the half pound of fudge for gifts), but cannot find a rabbit running in front of her. We were out for one of our usual walks on our property; she's doing the beagle thing (nose to the ground picking up those scents). She's running along all excited by some trail she has when, not two feet from her, a jackrabbit breaks from the grass and takes off running. Did she give chase? Heck no! Her nose was so firmly planted on the ground she never even saw the rabbit! It probably could have jumped over the top of her and she wouldn't have broken stride from the scent she was on. Good thing I don't have to depend on her for dinner!

    Love your stories - keep them coming!
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    I had a lab chow mix that loved chocolate chip cookies and he ate a dozen cookies once and was fine
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    Maplesky, you don't own any crocs, do you?
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    terrytrailertrash--- HAHAHA!! thats the funniest thing ever!!!

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