whats your favorite breed?

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    I'm looking to add a few chicks to pur small flock of 6 ive got 1 brown leghorn roo 1 brown leghorn hen 1 new hampshire red & 3 white amber link hens.. whats you suggestions for our flavorful flock?
    I free range almost everyday but everyone sleeps together everyone gets along dreamily.. id like to add some docile gals i love the amber links they follow us around the yard all the time the other 2 are awfully skiddish. i have kids my yongest Ethan is 10 he likes petting & such so id like friendly.
    Im seriously considering some silkies but terrified that they'll get hurt when they get big enough to go outside.. i love the idea of how broody they are think it would an amazing experiance for my kids..
    thoughts suggestions... pros/cons


    please.. [​IMG]

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    MY favorite breed is the Black Penedesenca but you wouldn't like them.
    Be careful with that question because what works for one doesn't necessarily work for all. There will be as many opinions on this question as there are people viewing it.
    I recommend some of the breed selection charts.
    These are my favorite charts to date.


    I recommend finding the birds right for your climate first, then match to your needs and desires. Things like lay rate, egg size, color, feather color, tameness, dual purpose vs. egg, etc..
    You can also go here.

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