wheezing chicken? Please help!


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May 27, 2012
When I got home tonight my kids told me that one of our hens had been sneezing a lot and is now making a honking/wheezing sound constantly. What should I do? She is only about 7 months old and our favorite. I separated her from the others and offered her water, which she did drink. She was fine yesterday. Please help!
Could possibly be gape worm... Swab the back of her throat with a Q-tip. If you get red it could be gape worm and you should de-worm as soon as possible. It could also be pneaumonis which my chicken had... The symptoms are the same exept for the worms on the Q-tip. Obviously. If you think it could just be a cold..., or possibly a fungus in the respiratory symsten. Try crushing a clove or garlic for the water to help with fungus. Will warm you... It smells horrible! But might as well try. Also eucalyptus oil around the cage to help with breathing and switch out with garlic and add peppermint. Peppermint is good for breathing alswell and I just used decaffeinated peppermint tea bags. Haha. Also keep her water warm... Then the body doesn't have to use energy to heat it. Keep her warm and hope for the best...

Never give up hope

Please reply soon to tell me how my remedies will and what you think it is and if course how your chicken is doing
Sounds more like a respiratory illness. Treat symptoms with Tylan 50 cattle injectable from.TSCompany for $10. Don't let them tell u to use the powdered Terrimyician...won't work.
1/2cc for standard. 1/4 cc for bantam or youngsters. Drop for chicks..can inject under skin or.dribble in beak. 2x day.for 3.days....
Do a search on respiratory diseases as their is much involment.
I was so worried last night, as I could hear the weird sound she was making from the basement. It almost sounded like a bad trumpet and was constant. This morning when I got up, it was quiet. I was almost afraid to go look. She is no longer making that sound and is eating and drinking. I started her with bread dipped in oil, in case she had had something caught in her throat or crop? Her feces looked normal. Should I still check her for gape worms? I'm glad she seems improved, but wish I knew what was going on.
Could have easily been something stuck in her throat. I'm glad just keep her in the house a few days... I always go natural first... You could have given her those harsh medicines for a disease when she was really fine

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