Wheezing, empty crop, wateryish droppings


11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
Hudson, WI
ARGH. Ameracauna roo, 6 mo old, is wheezing, almost like a gagging motion. Last night he was making wierd noises, but I didn't realize it was him, I just thought our Jersey Giant girl had come up with still more interesting snores. (can a chicken wear a CPAP? Seriously.)

His crop is empty, but he is flapping strongly. (I tried to swing him upside down, and he had enough strength to flip up midswing!)

His stool was wateryish.

I am going to try the bread in olive oil and the plain yogurt and the apple cider vinegar treatments and electrolytes that I've found while searching on this site.

I was cleaning the bedroom like a fiend last night, and stirring up a lot of dust/chick fluff/etc since my bedroom is the hatchery/babychick zone right now, and also home to the split-lav Ameracauna roo and the goose sized Jersey Giant hen that is afraid of everyone but this roo. I also had windows open which was blowing stuff around.

Could it just be that he inhaled something? He has been disgustingly healthy to this point, and he is one of Jean's birds, so I know his lineage is good!

If anyone thinks it might be more serious, feel free to call me (I won't have computer access until morning.)

I did write down the gapeworm info, and will also try looking down his throat. How do I say, " Say AHHHHHHH!" in Ameracauna? I couldn't find that in my searching!

Katie 651-334-2551

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