Wheezing hen with diarrhea... Avian flu?


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Feb 8, 2014
Hey all,
I have a hen that has the above, she wheezes and squeaks really bad, just terribly labored breathing. She has green poop all over her bottom, and she has lost a lot of weight. I'm kicking myself for not having checked her sooner. I thought that maybe her keel bone was growing more pronounced, but couldn't be sure because all my chickens are so hands-off... Ugh, I feel so awful now that she's so sick. Her appetite isn't great, either.
I suppose my question is this: is it Avian Influenza? We don't have a ton of contact with the birds that are likely to carry it, though there are a ton of little songbirds in our yard all the time. I try to keep them away from the chicken feed, but they're getting bolder. Friggin' birds. The rest of my flock hasn't shown signs yet, but this particular bird, Bea, went from seemingly fine yesterday to horrible condition today. So there's no telling.

Thanks, all!
Respiratory diseases such as MG, coryza, ILT, and infectious bronchitis are much more common than avian influenza. Diarrhea can be common with any illness. Does she have any nasal or eye discharge, crusting or swelling around the eye or face? Do you smell a bad odor around her head? How long have you had her, and have you added any kind of new poultry to your flock recently? Antibiotics such as Tylan, oxytetracycline, Gallimycin, and sulfa drugs are commonly used to treat symptoms of respiratory diseases in chickens. If I were you though, I would try to get her tested in case she may be a carrier, and find out what she has. Has there ever been another case of respiratory infection in your flock before?
She's been with the flock for a while, and we haven't added anyone, and as far as I know, she's the only respiratory case. I'm keeping an eye on my other birds, though. They could still come down with something. There aren't any crustings, discharge, or any swelling around her head and eyes. Her head doesn't stink. Her feces are pretty stinky, though. I may get her checked out with the state vet to be sure it isn't AI... She just doesn't seem to check out for anything else... I suppose I haven't checked her throat yet. Is it possible that it could be avian pox? She's still pretty feisty, just has the breathing issues and diarrhea so far. I can look into those other diseases, too though. Thanks!
Avian pox causes spots and scabs around the face, comb, wattles, and other parts of the body. Many states will come and test for free if you suspect avian influenza.
Ok. Thanks. Now I'm getting worried about her because she isn't eating. I tried offering mash, but she won't touch it today. Any other ideas?

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