When can chicks free range?

Mar 29, 2022
Hi guys! I just got 12 new 3 month old chicks! I was wondering, when are they old enough to free-range. We live in an area with hawks, owls, coyotes, etc, and just want to make sure they would protect themselves. Aside from the chicks, I have 9 other chickens (8 adult hens, 1 serama rooster) that have been free ranging no problem, but they are adults. They have access to about 1 acre of field, and 1 acre of woods, but there are no coyotes in the woods, just lots of snakes. Would snakes be a problem? Our chickens have eaten small, baby snakes but some of the ones in our yard are 4-8 feet long! Sorry for the long post, TIA
We net off an area for chicks, so the main flock can get used to them. I have had chicks as young as 8-10 weeks free ranging with our flock. Just keep in mind, they are usually the first to get picked off by a predator.

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