When can I expect some eggs?


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Nov 2, 2012
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I have heard so many different answers on when a chicken lays an egg I decided to ask some experts. I have some Leghorns, Polish, Favarells and humbergs. All are a bit over 4 months (by a week or so). I heard some breeds won't lay in the winter or when it turns dark early but does heat and cold have anything to do with it. We are in California so it does not get much colder than 50's here at the coldest but usually its around 60's and higher. I would think they should start laying sometime soon?

Y N dottes

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Sep 1, 2012
South Central WI
teperature can effect when they start to lay, but it might not since u live in a warmer climate. Most breeds lay around 23 weeks, thoughegg laying only breeds might start quite early so ur leghorn might lay around 20 wks. If u ever see them start to 'squat' when u walk up to them, it probably means they will start laying quite soon.

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