when can I started eating eggs again after giving meds?


10 Years
Nov 13, 2009
Boonsboro MD
My 2 year old Pekin duck has arthritis. To rule out infection as the cause, I gave her Cipro for 3 weeks as well as Meloxicam. I stopped about 2 weeks ago. I was giving her glucosamine every day I gave the other meds but now I just give it to her a few times a week. She moves around more and swelling is way down but still has a definite limp. The vet thinks it might not get much better but it shouldn't get worse either. The vet is a board certified avian vet.

I hate to keep pitching her eggs and I didn't get clarification from the vet. When can I start eating them again and is there any reason I can't while giving her Glucosamine?
We're coming to the end of a 30-day egg withdrawal from one of our ducks. She had to have Baytril and the vet recommended we don't eat the eggs for 30 days. The annoying thing is that we knew she laid the green egg in their nest because that one was missing the day she stayed overnight at the vets, but then they started laying in different places, so we've had to throw away both green eggs cos we don't know which is hers! It's very frustrating. I would say to be safe 30 days unless you find any information which tells you otherwise

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