When can new chicks go in with full grown Chickens?

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Just a Whittle

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May 10, 2010

I am new to raising chickens but I was wondering how old chicks need to be to be integrated with chickens... also can chicks of varying ages be kept together (ie 2 week old chicks in with 5 week old chicks)

Any insight would be great!

I wouldn't put two week old chicks in with five week old chicks. I have chicks that hatched this past Saturday and I put them in with my one week old chicks and then I have some four week old chicks that are seperate from them. The four week old chicks are much bigger than the others and would probably kill the younger chicks.

I am waiting until they are more closer in size to put them together
I agree with earlier posts. Let all chicks be roughly the same size before integration (they grow fastest in the first 4 weeks than growth very much slows off).

Integrate with mature birds gradually (Let older birds get used to them behind chicken wire first). When they are used to the chicks , introduce only when you can fully supervise and separate again as necessary. There is always a pecking order, but this should not mean bloodshed!

Good Luck,


Now how do I do the integration with the older birds if I am picking up some older birds but already have my 5 weeks out in the coop? I have the opportunity to get some ready to lay hens in a breed I was looking for but I don't want the chicks I have killed!
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