When did BYC eggs get more expensive than Eggbid & Ebay??


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Jan 11, 2007

Hey,don't get me wrong, ya got's ta make ya $$!!

I know I'll likely catch some flack for this thread, but hey --

The prices on BYC are already higher than most of Eggbid & Ebay,from what I have seen. Just making an observation!!

I don't fault anyone for making money anyway they can in today's economy, I guess I am just thinking out loud,remembering back to the "good ol' days" (like 2-3 years ago LOL
When you could get a good dozen eggs from fellow BYC-er for under $20,shipping included!!!
And that was GOOD stock,that actually HATCHED!!!!!
I guess the days of havin' a community centered around the feeling of friendship are gone ,now. Sad. Guess I'll haveta up my prices,get w/ the program,darn it!!!

I just can't wrap my mind around paying $50 for a dozen freaking EGGS.
Laura Ingalls Wilder ( a major chicken fancier) is turning over in her grave~!!


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Nov 10, 2008
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I think it has some to do with the postal service upping the price on shipping. I mean a STAMP is .42 now and that is to just mail a letter. But I do see where you are coming from. Even if all the eggs in that dozen hatch it would prolly be cheaper to order them as day old chicks.


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May 20, 2008
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There are still a lot of people on here that sell a doz eggs for $20-$25. Sometimes they will even send a dozen or more for just the cost of shipping. I even had a super nice BYC'er offer to send me eggs for my broody for just the cost of shipping and then she sent them for free!

The only eggs going for a really high price usually are the Marans. Or the price is higher if they are offering a big combo box full of eggs.

I guess if someone paid a ton for their Show birds, they are within their rights to charge much more for their eggs and chicks. If you can't afford those eggs, ask around. Usually all it takes is putting up a post asking if anyone will sell you a doz eggs for $20. Bet you would get a bunch of responses. Don't sell BYC short, there are many generous people on here!!


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Feb 26, 2009
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I was browsing through the BYC eggs and thought the same thing! I understand that shipping has gone up, but alot of the prices did not include shipping. I would love some eggs, but I am poor, and can not afford the prices. started looking at ebay! It is probably the same eggs!!LOL:D
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Mar 8, 2009
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I posted an ad on Kijiji. Hatching Eggs wanted. Had 2 responses, both of which gave me the eggs. (I offered to pay but they would not hear of it). Neither knew what would hatch out of the eggs from their mixed flock, but the eggs were beautifully colored olives, blues, one was so white it looked pink.

It gives me a chance to try my hand at incubating before my shipment of day old birds comes in


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Feb 3, 2007
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I hate to raise my prices, believe me, but to clear just $5 or less after postage makes it really not worth the trouble I take packing the eggs, driving to the P.O. (gas ain't cheap), and doesn't even include any materials I buy like labels, etc. We can blame the P.O. for alot of the higher prices.
The eggs from the current fad chickens always cost more, till the bubble bursts. That's just the way it always is, but no, I can't pay those prices for hatching eggs I'm seeing. If I wanted them badly, I'd have to pay it, I guess.
Honestly, I'm considering never again mailing hatching eggs because I personally would feel bad charging as much as I would have to really make a dime. Costs the same to ship mutt eggs as it does to ship my Blue Orpingtons, unfortunately. I've had to pay as much as $16 just in postage and only charged $20 for the eggs.


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Apr 13, 2008
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You summed up my feelings exactly...I now try buy/sell hatching eggs locally due to the cost involved PLUS all of the things that can go wrong while the eggs are in route via the postal service.


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Jun 29, 2007
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I'm just starting to sell a few hatching eggs from my hens...even tho I've had chickens for most all of my life. The price I've been willing to pay for some of the eggs I've gotten to hatch has been connected to the rarity and more importantly the quality of the parent stock. That in turn is how I'm pricing my eggs. In my prices I figure roughly $10 for shipping....which isn't even close for most packages. The last package I shipped cost almost $14 to mail. That doesn't even take into account the shipping supplies like bubble wrap and tape. No one is making anyone pay a certain price.....that is their choice. I feel like most of the time...except for the "fad" chickens the prices on BYC are comparable or cheaper than ebay.


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Jan 2, 2008
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imho the problem isnt just shipping costs; its brand-name hysteria, where everyone has to have a certain fad variety ad thereby drives up the price. Not unlike the sock market, hinthint. Real value versus perceived value, etc.

I dont recall that a few years ago - back when I was just a little ol' lurker in these parts - everybody had to have the same darned fancy bird. I like purty dark eggs too, but really!

If you want high prices to go down- just stop paying em. It'll work pretty fast and people will still be able to make a fair profit.

Right now, as part of someone's fun experiment, I am getting a dozen eggs from a reputable and lovely BYC mate for $15, which is shipping only, pretty much. That's because I was more interested in having eggs from her and being egg-in-laws, than in getting the fanciest and most impressive eggs. And because she isnt trying to make a killing. Though I bet these will be impressive anyway.

Anyway it is in all our power to not pay top dollar for fads. Just a thought, friends, just a thought.

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