When do I stop turning my emu eggs?

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    I have 6 eggs and today is day 44 of incubation. 3 of the eggs started small (about 540 grams) and three are bigger (630 grams). They are all wiggling around! Two of the small eggs were losing way to much weight so I taped them up and that helped a lot but one of them is still too light for day 44. I know I need to take the tape off for them to hatch but I am not sure when that will be. I also don't know when to stop turing. For the first half of incubation I had them at 96.3 and then I bumped them down to 95.5. I know the lower temperatures extend incubation time but how much? When do I stop turning and when do I take off the tape from the problem eggs?


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  3. you stop turning once the eggs "sound"

    tap testing:

    once you are towards the end of incubation start tap testing the eggs

    lay them on a solid surface and lightly tap with a solid piece of metal (I use a drill bit)
    an egg which is not ready to hatch will make a dull "THUNK" sound

    For an egg which is getting ready to hatch.. some people describe the sound as the sound made when tapping against fine china.. so it's a higher tone..a "TINK" sound

    so if the egg makes the "TINK" sound when tapped.. it's time to stop turning .. let the egg roll to whichever way it wants to and lay it back into the incubator (or hatcher if you are using one) the exact same way it wants to rest

    as a note:
    if it's early in the incubation and the egg makes the higher "TINK" sound you can be 99.9% sure it's a rotten egg .. the reason for this is that once the membrane has pulled away from the inside of the shell.. the tone will change.. rotten eggs CAN do that as well as eggs which are ready to hatch.. so keep that in mind if you are tap testing early
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    thank you! no "tink" yet, so i'll sit tight!

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    About three or four days before due date.

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