When do you have to take chicks out of the incubator?


9 Years
Nov 4, 2010
I just had some chicks hatch out of the incubator yesterday
And I was wondering when you have to take them out of the incubator
Like how old do they have to be
Thanks a lot
They can go 2 days without food/water as they absorb the yolk sac. I usually take mine out within a day of hatching. I will not remove chicks when eggs are zipping though, I have found that no matter how quick I am, they get glued in the shell.
I generally take mine out once a day unless so many have hatched that they're causing problems for those not yet out.

When I do take them out I have a mister bottle full of warm water that I mist the remaining eggs with to compensate for the loss of humidity from having the door open.

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