When do you move your chicks out to the coop?

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    I bought 6 day old chicks from our farm store back in the middle of March and hatched another 5 on April 1st. I kept the 1st 6 inside for 2 weeks with no heat lamp. They huddled up to produce their own heat, at 2 weeks I moved them outside into a 3 x 3 wire cage. The hatched ones stayed inside for 2 weeks with a house lamp w/ 60 watt bulb on them(only because they were from my hen that was killed and I was trying to keep some of her around). At 2 weeks I divided the wire cage and put them in a third of the cage with the older 6 chicks. I moved them to the bigger coop/run at 4/6 weeks old and they are beautiful healthy birds, loving life.

    April temperatures aren't bad here in the South but there were several nights that drop down in the mid 40's mainly upper 50's at night and high 60's/low 70's in day.
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    I have three, 3 day old chicks currently under a heat lamp...this is my first set. I have a lavendar orpington, buff orpington and a blue laced red wyandotte....i have two girls outside in the coop already. Am I supposed to wait six weeks and then move them to the coop? I figured I would introduce them to the older hens by keeping them in a wire dog crate during the day then put them in a night. I live in Southern Indiana and the winter season gets usually averages in the 30's at night. What about a heat lamp during the winter for all of them? Would it disturb their sleep pattern? Thanks for any input.....
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    At 4 weeks, as long as it doesnt get below 55-60 outside temp at night and there are at least 6 of them to huddle and keep warm....Have done this with a set of 6 and then 15 chicks-- all healthy so far....

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