When does a California White start laying?


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I have a California White hen that has not started laying yet. She will be 20 weeks old in a couple of days. I have read online that California Whites start laying about 17 weeks. She is my only white egg layer breed, and I get no white eggs, so I know she is not laying.

My ISA Brown has been laying for almost 1 week, and I just had another brown egg layer start 2 days ago (I think it is my Buff Orpington). That was earlier than expected, so that is good. I think the girls are well fed and coming along fine, just wondering if my California White is just slow or is there a problem with feed, daylight, etc... that I should consider. Currently feeding the flock 18% grower with side dish of calcium. I have a couple bags of layer feed ready to use. Only 2 of my 10 girls (various breeds) are laying, but most of them are not due yet. Thanks in advance for any comments.
Her comb should get larger and very red when she is getting close to start laying. If she is still kinda pale, then she is a ways off yet. Patience.

I'll check her out closer this afternoon to see if her comb is still pale, or getting redder. Patience has never been my strong point, but I do have some brown egg layers that started early, so I'm OK with the progress of my flock. Thanks.
Oh the anticipation!

Yes, this my first year with laying hens and I have been learning a lot. I was expecting the California White to be the first to lay eggs, but she has not laid any eggs yets. Most of the girls are not due for a few more weeks. I am getting 2 eggs per day from the 10 pullets, so at least we have fresh eggs enough for the wife and myself.
I got 3 new pullets, a Welsummer, a brown leghorn and an Easter Egger. The Welsummer started laying at around 23 weeks, the brown leghorn didn't start till 25 weeks, and then only one egg per week for the first three weeks. I'm still waiting for the Easter Egger, they are now 28 or 29 weeks old. Oh and the Welsummer is laying 5 eggs a week, has been since she started. You just never really know who will do what when and yes it can drive you nuts! lol
I hope your Welsummer lays eggs as pretty as mine! Rich chocolatey brown!

Thanks. Looking forward to those eggs. My backyard flock was ordered by egg color as much as anything else, so I should have a nice rainbow full of eggs (brown, white, green, blue, tan, cream) when all the girls are laying.

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