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    Jan 2, 2009
    Years ago when I had my geese, they sure did a lot of silly things. No doubt because of the way I raised them too.
    The first year we kept them in our yard. They soon discovered the joys of sleeping on our front porch. They started looking into the windows and scaring our house dog. Not to mention the poop they left on the front door mat. Then they found the back porch where they proceeded to tear the weatherstrip off the storm door.
    They soon were attacking anyone who came onto our property.
    The meter reader for the electric company was the one whom they hated the most. They would go after her the moment she opened her truck door. Since she had a fear of dogs, she carried dog treats with her. She would hurl those treats at the geese only to end up making them more hostile towards her. Of course our dogs loved it! Even after we had moved the geese to the pasture area, that poor woman was so afraid to get out of her truck. [​IMG]
    We had a hard time convincing the geese it was safe to swim on our pond. You see they had grown up with a little kiddie pool instead. It took them weeks to overcome their fear of the big water. I'm sure many of you have silly stories about your geese too.

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    Gotta love the gooses! [​IMG]

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