When is a cockerel mature enough to fertilize eggs???


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6 Years
Aug 14, 2013
I have a small flock consisting of 1 BR cockerel and 4 pullets of diff breeds all 21 wks old. He is constantly trying to mate with the girls but they haven't started laying yet. When they finally do lay, will the eggs be fertile? Is he old enough to get the job done??? My kids (me too) really want to hatch some eggs!

I'm surprised! They girls resist him. He usually grabs them by the back of the neck as they run away and squawk. One girl has lost some feathers on the back of her neck. Otherwise they are no worse off.
If we do hatch some eggs, what are some opinions on the best combination? Again, he is a BR and then we have an EE, SLW, GLW, and Australorp pullets. Also the fact that he's a BR isn't that suppose to make it easier to sex the chicks?

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