when is lockdown?


Jan 3, 2018
I’m a bit confused with dates now. I read two different things.

Some say day 1 is the day you put your eggs in the incubator and some say you should start counting dat 1 when they have been in for 24 hours.

All resources say to lockdown at day 18. I put in my eggs on monday the 26th of february at 5pm, so does that mean i need to put them in lockdown on thursday the 15th at 5pm or on friday the 16th of march at 5 pm?

They should hatch around the afternoon of monday the 19th of march, is that correct?

Thank you for any assistance in getting my mind straight. I’m obsessing over these chicks!!! :fl This incubating thing is stressfull, i can’t stand the wait... Does it get any better the more you hatch? :barnie

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