When is time to throw in the towel ?

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    May 17, 2014
    My broody girl has been sitting, quite religiously since the 4th/5th of this month. She has been very very diligent and continues to sit & turn. I candled a week ago and took one of the 7 out; it was not developed at all. The rest looked good. It was my first time candling but there were good, clear air sacks and we even saw one move.

    By my count, this is day 23 & I don't see or hear anything. Should I try candling again or just wait it out a few more days before quitting.

    My heart is breaking for my little bird. She has worked so hard; never leaving the nest for more than 30 seconds when I removed her.

    I could use some guidance here.
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    Nov 23, 2010
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    When I have a broody I just let her do her thing. She'll have better luck than an incubator. I don't candle or touch her. They usually come off the nest nearly every day to defecate, eat, drink and stretch.
    She may have just dabbled the first couple days. I'd give it until she gives up. She can probably detect movement and sounds.
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