When should I open the nesting boxes?


Apr 17, 2020
SW Pennsylvania
My pullets will be 17 weeks on Tuesday. Two red-sex links (golden comet) and 1 that's either an easter egger or a black sex link.

The nesting boxes in their coops have been blocked off since they moved in. When should I open them? Should I wait for signs that eggs are imminent? Should I wait until the first egg is laid? Should I just go ahead and open them tomorrow? Should they have already been opened by now?

Thank you!
Easy way to ensure young birds don't sleep in the nests at night (which leads to soiled nests).

Also, when I got the chicks, #4 was a straight-run silkie. On 7/10 my silkie loudly announced his masculinity at 5:40 AM. I was super fortunate to find a good home for him on 7/13 so as to stay in compliance with township ordinances. Even though the perch is only about 18" off the ground, he never took to it and would sleep on the floor. That made it important to keep the nesting boxes closed off. (Eventually I made him a floor level perch that he seemed to like.)

Then, it was just easier to keep everything closed. They have enough space in the coop without the boxes, so it was less for me to clean.
Thank you everyone for your help. The boxes are open. The girls were more interested in the run to check them out right away.



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