When should I worm them and what do I use?


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Oct 3, 2011
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My Coop
My chickens are 14 almost 15 weeks old and I was wondering if they needed to be wormed. And if so what product should I use? Thanks for your help.
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Just want to say this if you lived in the south watch out about the fleas in the summer time. The fleas will kill your birds so fine some fleas killers for animals that is also safe for your birds .. If you catch it before anything bad happens it will save some of your flock .. The sign are weak smaller and other stuff
you might want to rethink worming. unless you really think they need it. i worm once in the fall. i didnt worm my first flock on this property for over two years. wazine is the most commonly seen wormer at feed stores. ive had poultry on this property now for 8 years and have never had problems with mites, fleas, lice, anything other than light round worm issue in some birds. i will start using ivermec, in preparation, before adopting 22 birds from a woman who has lost the chicken bug.

oops, that should be ivomec
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