When should I worm?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by TheRookie, Apr 13, 2012.

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    My babies are almost 7 weeks old and still not outside!! [​IMG] But they will be by this weekend because we finally have everything ready. So my question is... When should I worm them? What other types of medicines should I give them? What would you recommend to have on hand for emergencies?

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    If they've been in a brooder, I certainly wouldn't worm any time soon. Some worm once or 2x a year, needed or not. Others worm only if they find evidence of worms (I'm in that group - have wormed once in three years when I found a single round worm). If you decide to do preventative worming, I'd wait until they're more mature first, maybe during their first molt, since laying will be down then anyhow.

    Many swear by a little apple cider vinegar in the water as an overall health aid, so that's good to keep on hand. I keep a package or two of electrolites (from tractor supply) on hand. Starch or another clotting agent is good. If you have a tractor supply (or similar store) nearby, wormers and antibiotics can wait until needed.
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    What kind of wormer should I get if I ever need it? I know with horses there are two different types and you're supposed to rotate them.. is it similar with chickens?
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    Mar 24, 2012
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    You will not need to worm your chicks as they have had no chance to get worms in your brooder.

    I personally have never wormed my chickens and they are all very fat, healthy and lay lots of eggs. I don't like to use any medicine, unless its really necessary as I don't like chemicals in my food.

    If you only have this small group of chicks, and no adults birds, then you probably will never need to worm them. I recommend keeping the coop and run dry and then any worms from wild bird droppings will not be able to survive anyway.

    Its up to you, but I would save time and money and leave it to nature. Research has found that actually having a few parasites boost the birds immune system. If your chickens every get worms you will see the egg production decline, the birds loosing weight, etc, and they its really easy to worm them.

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    Why would you want to give your chicks worms? LOL.

    Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine. it is DEworm. If you are worming them you are giving them worms. To DEworm would be to rid them of worms lol.
  7. I use DE, also give the hen minced garlic and ACV in their water. That pretty much seems to prevent any parasites, worms, respiratory illness, etc.
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  8. I agree. I definitely don't agree with the twice a year prevantative. Why give medication or chemicals unless absolutely necessary ?
  9. Thanks ! I truly believe in natural preventatives. There is no need to introduce chemicals if you keep your run and coop clean with fresh bedding, plant a few herbs around and dd some DE, ACV and garlic to their diet.

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    If worried about worms you could always just add a little food grade diatomaceous earth to their feed. That will take care of it and it's completely natural. It's available at most feed stores. It's also a good dietary supplement for you too.
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