when to change from layer to to regular feed?

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now that cold weather is approaching when do ya'll stop feeding layer? Didn't know if I should continue to feed during winter months or not. I am not going to be using light to keep them laying. going to let them rest over winter. Last year I was feeding Flock Raiser and switched to layer in the spring. What are opinions?
If your chickens are or have been laying you can keep them on layer year 'round. There really isn't any reason the quit unless you add some pullets at which point you should go to grower with oyster shell free choice.
I feed layer year-round. My adult hens are molting right now, but I know once they come out of their molt they are likely to lay well through the rest of the winter. My juveniles turned 19 weeks old today and they have been on layer feed for about a week now. Three eggs out of the babies so far. The only thing I haven't done is to start offering oyster shell to the babies. When there are more of them laying and laying regularly I will start the OS.

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