when to Euthanize?

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    Mar 22, 2013
    I have a rescue Legghorn from a factory egg farm. Guessing she's about 3 1/2 years. In April 2013 she stopped laying, which was good because her eggs were thin shelled, and no amount of calcium changed that. Her abdomen then swelled up hugely. Took her to the vet, couldn't drain anything. X ray showed 4 or so egg shaped masses internally, which the vet said were evidence of tumors. I took her home to die. That was in August. Her abdomen stopped growing. It's almost as if she laid eggs internally and they calcified, rather than a tumor (I have no idea if this is possible). She's walking around with this large belly (but she doesn't walk abnormally) She eats well, manages to get up the ramp to the coop at night. She will roost but prefers to sleep in a nesting box. But she doesn't forage. She stands around puffed up w her head drawn in. She will ocassionally walk around a little bit, but I think she's faking looking for bugs. No scratching, etc.

    When I go out she will run up to me seeking treats to eat from my hand and generally acting like her skiddish Legghorn self. She used to be very active and somewhat noisy. She's quiet. She molted this Fall and now has the healthiest plummage she ever has had. Her comb is beautiful bright red, as well as her wattles. If you looked at her when she isn't puffed up and you don't look at her underside, you would think she's in perfect health.

    Any thoughts on whether I should euthanize her? Is she in misery? Thanks for any advice.
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    I'm facing the same sort of a decision regarding a 12 + year old dog. To me it sounds as if your hen is still enjoying life.

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