When to Expect the First Egg?

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Feb 2, 2021
My easter egger pullet is 18 weeks old next Tuesday. She's been showing signs of laying soon for almost 2 weeks now. She's been squatting when I go to pick her up, and her comb is bright red and full. I checked her pelvic bones which are over 2 fingers apart. I can tell her body has definitely been ready to lay for about a week now, but still no eggs. I'm starting to get a bit impatient since this is my first time waiting for pullets to lay! :p

A few days ago she showed a lot of interest in the nesting boxes; she cuddled down and made it all cozy, but she has lost all interest now. I don't think there's any use in adding fake eggs to the boxes since our older hens lay in them anyway. I don't feed my chickens layers ration, instead I feed them a starters/growers mix with oyster shells available at all times. I haven't seen the pullet eat or show any interest in the oyster shells so far.

When should I expect a first egg?
She might lay it ANYDAY!! My one was showing signs of laying like mating and interest in nest box for a some time. I thought she would lay eggs in a week or two. But nope! She laid her first one 2 days ago and 2nd one today!
My patience is draining.

I've been sticking one of the pullets in a nesting box and she loves it. She gets it all cozy and even sits in the position for laying an egg. She'll sit there for maybe 5 minutes then she'll leave the box and go back to day to day life. She's been doing this for a week now and I'm starting to think it'll never happen! :idunno

Me, every morning:
Waking up thinking there might be an egg. Finally.
Running to the coop to check.
Praying, praying, there is an egg.
Checking for an egg and... Nothing.
My emotions.

Me scolding the pullets. (Just a joke, don't worry.)

Hopefully soon it will be :celebrate instead of :he.

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