When to get rooster?


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Mar 6, 2011
I am going to give this chicken thing a try. I am getting ready to order from a local hatchery and do not want to worry about more chicks for a while. Would it be easier to get a rooster now, or introduce one later?
Are you hoping that your chicks will grow into hens and hatch more baby chicks?

Because if you are just hoping for eggs from your chicks you don't need a rooster at all. Hens don't need a rooster to supply you with eggs.
are you ordering "straight run" from your hatchery or having them sexed?

your straight run has a good chance of a rooster or two, or three or.........
this is good and around here every one has a rooster on craigslist and often times they are free
I am ordering pullets and planning just eggs for now, but if everything goes well, I hope to hatch some eggs for more chicks. Just wondering if it is difficult to introduce a rooster later or just get one with the pullets?
I liked that I got mine with my pullets as an "accidental" rooster. He was supposed to be a pullet... and he grew up with them all.

It's not all that hard to introduce a rooster because the end result is always that the rooster will be the boss of the flock; that's just the Chicken Way. However, the pullets/hens may not like him much, especially at first.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other... But I like the idea of having him grow up with his flock.
i would get one now... you dont have to let them hatch eggs,,,, him growing up withthe hens is better than adding him later,,, less fighting,,, les blood lol.

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