When to give Corid?

May 28, 2020
Bonney Lake, Washington
Hello! I have five 12-day old baby chicks. All extremely curious and playful, eating and drinking water just fine. For a few days they have been intermittently having foamy/mustard color poops (which I saw could be normal, but seems more often than cecal typically). Today one of them had a little intestinal lining shed. They’re all having a mix of foamy AND normal poops. They’re on medicated chick starter, no other supplements. Debating switching them to normal starter and giving Corid. Any harm for this? Not sure if I’m just overreacting. I had a heat lamp until yesterday also and now using the eco glow, although the heat lamp was positioned in such a way they had plenty of non hot space. Thanks in advance!


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It's safe to treat with Corid any time you feel there may be a danger of coccidiosis. Corid is merely a thiamine blocker to deprive the coccidia of nutrients to complete their life cycle.

If you do treat, be sure you discontinue anything with B vitamins in it until treatment is completed. But usually if there is coccidiosis, you will see lethargic behavior along with concerning poop.

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