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I searched and found some answers, but the problem is I am not sure how old my chickens are. I bought them from a farm supply store and the clerk did not know how old they were. So, I need some help. They are Barred Rocks, and they currently have feathered wings, and the tail feathers are a little over an inch long. Anybody have an idea how old they are? How much longer should I wait to put them outside? It's getting down to the upper 50's at night.
Also, I don't know that I have enough cord to put a light in the coop, so there will be no heat... they will be on thier own.
Any help is appreciated.
I put mine out at one month. They were all 6-8 inches tall & feathered. Since you don't know how old they are, I'd recommend that you keep them in the garage or basement with a lamp on them - at least at night. When they seem like chickens (rather than chicks) to you, you'll know that it's time.
Do you have other chickens as well?

How many are there?

Do you have pictures of them?

As far as keeping them warm...
I have heard of people putting a cardboard box in the coop (with some air holes) and closing the chickens in it at night to help them retain heat. They need to have enough room to move around and you need to get them out as soon as possible in the morning....just a thought.

Thanks for the quick responses.

To answer the questions.... no, I don' t have any other chickens, I am new to all this.

There are five of them.

Right now I have them in a cardboard box with a 60 watt bulb. I have been taking them out to the pen when I get home from work and bringing them inside at dark.

Here are a couple pictures. I put the pop can in there as a reference for size.

They look a little young to be put outside but I would raise the height of that heat lamp.

Not the exact answer you were looking for though...
well my chicks are smaller then them I have five of them but they were with there mama until a week ago Ill post a picture tonight and let you see them they are by there self now so I would say it would not hurt to put them by there self and yours are alot bigger then mine.....

and by the way beautiful chicks...and Welcome to chick addiction.

I'd take away their brooder light to start with.

Then you could gradually get them used to the outdoor temps by putting them out all day and for a bit into the cooler evening...

leaving them out longer and longer each evening until they are staying out full time.

They'll get used to it and you'll be doing them a service by making them more hardy.

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